News about brains and artificial intelligence


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Understanding the limits of deep learning (2017-04-02)

Brain Cells We Thought Were Just Fillers Might Actually Be the Key to Our Body Clocks (2017-03-27)

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Sleep Shrinks the Brain, and That's a Good Thing (2017-02-03)

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The brain uses REM sleep to cut unneeded connections (2017-01-24)

How Do Brain Cells Tell Us Where We’re Going? (2017-01-13)

Bacteria Send Electrical Pulses as Recruitment Ads (2017-01-12)

Infant Brains Reveal How the Mind Gets Built (2017-01-10)

The Mind of an Octopus (2017-01-01)

Synchronizing with Brain Clocks (2017-01-01)


What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can’t Do Right Now - Andrew Ng (2016-11-09)

The Brainy Life of Bees (2016-11-02)

Return to the Teenage Brain (2016-10-08)

We are growing brains outside of the body (2016-10-05)

The dark neuron problem (2016-09-12)

First real-time look at genes switching off in live human brains (2016-08-10)

Moravec's paradox (2016-08-04)

A Neuroscientist Tells You What's Wrong With Your Brain (2016-08-02)

Man Living Without 90 Percent Of His Brain Challenges Scientists Most Basic Theories Of Consciousness (2016-07-13)

Your Brain Is On the Brink of Chaos (2016-07-10)

15 years of brain research has been invalidated by a software bug, say Swedish scientists (2016-07-08)

El cerebro necesita emocionarse para aprender (2016-06-18)

Bird Brains Have as Many Neurons as Some Primates (2016-06-17)

Evolution of the human brain (2016-06-13)

Google's artificial learning is not Artificial Intelligence: And it never will be. (2016-06-05)

Surprising discovery of highly dynamic changes in olfactory region of the adult mouse brain (2016-06-05)

The empty brain - Your brain is not a computer (2016-05-18)

This weird, slimy single-cell organism can learn without a brain (2016-04-30)

How the orchestra is arranged by the biology of the brain (2016-04-20)

Brain caught "filing" memories during rest (2016-04-18)

The Paradox of the Elephant Brain (2016-04-07)

Mapping the Brain to Build Better Machines (2016-04-06)

Gut bacteria regulate nerve fibre insulation (2016-04-05)

What is brain plasticity and why is it so important? (2016-04-04)

Where do minds belong? (2016-03-22)

Why AlphaGo Is Not AI (2016-03-17)

Grid cells come into play when the imagination runs away (2016-03-10)

Así funciona tu memoria. La memoria no es un fiel reflejo de aquello que pasó sino más bien uno de los actos más creativos de nuestras mentes. (2016-02-26)

While Your Body Is Resting, Your Brain Is Working Faster (2016-02-26)

The case of the silent synapses: Why are only 20% of synapses active during neurotransmission? (2016-02-26)

Consciousness may be the product of carefully balanced chaos (2016-01-26)

Weak electrical field found to carry information around the brain (2016-01-17)


¿Cómo afectan las nuevas tecnologías a nuestro cerebro? (2015-12-28)

Demystifying artificial intelligence: No, the Singularity is not just around the corner (2015-12-21)

Deep Learning - The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence (Slides) (2015-12-05)

First direct evidence for synaptic plasticity in fruit fly brain (2015-12-04)

Big data's mathematical mysteries. Machine learning works spectacularly well, but mathematicians aren't quite sure why. (2015-12-03)

Why the octopus brain is so extraordinary (TED Ed - Video) (2015-12-03)

Army ants’ ‘living’ bridges suggest collective intelligence (2015-11-25)

How Humans Evolved Supersize Brains (2015-11-10)

There is probably no such thing as a 'male' and 'female' brain. (2015-10-30)

What happens in the brain when we learn. (2015-10-28)

The Strangers in Your Brain (2015-10-17)

The tantalizing links between gut microbes and the brain. (2015-10-14)

Brains work via their genes just as much as their neurons (2015-10-14)

The Surprising Genealogy of Your Brain (2015-10-01)

The Brain vs Deep Learning Part I: Computational Complexity - Or Why the Singularity Is Nowhere Near. (2015-07-27)

How the brain perceives time. (2015-07-25)

REM sleep critical for young brain development. (2015-07-03)

Diets high in fat, sugar may reduce cognitive functioning by altering gut bacteria. (2015-06-23)

Missing link found between brain, immune system. (2015-06-01)

Neurons constantly rewrite their DNA to store information. (2015-04-28)

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity. (2015-04-25)

Stop fearing artificial intelligence, by Tim Oates. (2015-04-08)

Cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman at TED. Our minds construct reality for us. (2015-03-01)

El cerebro humano es una máquina hecha con piezas recicladas. (2015-02-27)


Brain Basics: Genes at Work in the Brain (2014-12-10)

Machine-Learning Maestro Michael Jordan on the Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts (2014-10-22)

Self-organized criticality as a fundamental property of neural systems (2014-09-23)

Multi-Tasking Is Killing Your Brain. (2014-07-15)

What humans can learn from semi-intelligent slime (2014-06-01)

Bees Have Small Brains But Big Ideas. (2014-05-01)


The neuroscience of listening to music. (2013-12-11)

Neurons Fire Backward in Sleep (2013-09-01)


The very laws of physics imply that artificial intelligence must be possible. What’s holding us up?. (David Deutsch) (2012-10-03)

Handedness and the Brain (2012-07-01)


The complexity of behaviour: an example from C. elegans (2011-04-19)


How Placebos Change the Patient's Brain (2010-06-30)

Insect Brains and Animal Intelligence (2010-03-01)